Vishakha Jain:  Story of Innovation Driven by Passion

With the advent of new technology, it is easy to miss out on the available esteemed opportunities. This situation is even worse when one does not have the expertise to tap on these changes. This is the scenario for businesses with the limited website development and design knowledge.

Additionally, web-based applications used to be very limited in functionality. However, advances in technology, security, and internet speeds have significantly increased the potential scope of web-based systems.

Web-based systems make it easier to provide access to real-time information. The paper reports that might take days to prepare and distribute can be replaced on online accounts and digital dashboards.

That can improve the quality and the speed of decision-making right across an organization. Web-based custom application development, E-commerce websites, and other branding services can provide businesses with significant productivity improvements.

One such company that provides such innovative services is Mantthan Web Solutions LLP. Its unique design propositions, consultancy, and branding services beckon the web solutions niche.

Under the adept leadership of Vishakha Jain, Director of Mantthan Web Solutions LLP, the organization maintains excellent communication with its clients. The company also understands their requirements to find the best software, web-based, and mobile solutions, thereby helping them improve their business processes.

In an interview with Insights Success, Vishakha Jain highlights the company’s uniqueness and journey in the web solutions niche.

Vishakha, what was your inspiration behind venturing into the web solutions space?

Technology always drives me, especially the depth this field has with rapid innovations. This is the reason ‘why I have always wanted to be part of this field.’

Please describe your company/firm/ in detail.

Mantthan Web Solutions LLP specialises in creating mobile applications, e-commerce websites, landing pages, and Branding Services.

Being the Director of Mantthan, I spearhead the organization by building an excellent communication with our clients and understanding their requirements to find the best software, web-based, and mobile solutions, thereby helping them improve their business processes.

What were the initial challenges you faced while venturing into the web solutions space?

There were hardly any challenges while venturing into web solutions as before starting this venture, we were into a job for ten years and understood all the pros and cons here.

What are the USPs that highlight your brand/company’s uniqueness?

  • Our Consultancy before selling any solution to the client
  • Our Unique design propositions
  • Quick and Easy solutions to ease out the manual process

What professional values and qualities do you think your clients value in you and your company the most?

Communication is the key; we always keep our client updated about the progress or WIP (Work in progress); we believe chases bring communication gaps, so update in advance.

As an experienced professional, what would you like to advice the budding aspirants?

Believe in the Golden Egg story. Never try to charge high to your client and serve low. If they pay you ten rupees, provide them with the work worth twenty rupees in return, they will undoubtedly remain with you for long and work as best “Referral Partner” for you.

How do you envision your company’s operations eventually, concerning the scenario of your niche, post-pandemic?

Post-Pandemic, most things are online, including interaction with clients, Thanks to Zoom or Google Meet. We are primarily on cloud and mobile, which saves our travel time, and same we are investing in more research and parallel developments.


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