Why Are Proxies Beneficial for Your Business?

To learn how and answer a business owner from the first paragraph, let’s explain a proxy server? Each computer on the network has an IP address. A proxy server is a dedicated computer with its own IP (internet protocol) that makes a web request for you, collects the response, and forwards it. It acts as a proxy, thus the name of this intermediate service.

The main benefit of using a proxy server is anonymity. You can use a proxy to research delicate information or protect your privacy. Aside from possible personal use of proxy, we have five excellent use-cases of the best proxy servers for your business.

Before choosing a proxy server for business reasons, an important note is to avoid free proxy. There is an excellent chance such free providers will track your move, insert aggressive ads, and even steal your data. The most significant disadvantage of free proxy providers is slow service.

Use a proxy server for growth and marketing

Digital marketing is prevailing in modern business and competing on the open market for keywords and customer attention can be challenging for the smaller business. Instead of investing heavily in Google Adwords, where you could struggle with competitive terms, you can use proxy servers to increase your customer base beyond the restrictions of your IP address. Again, proxies can help go beyond the localization restrictions of social media platforms.

You could also have much broader market research by using proxy servers to get insight from potential customers from a much broader base.

Better business security

Data breaches and internet security are a serious threat to businesses. Proxy servers act as an intermediate between your company and the network creating a buffer zone and added layer of security. Proxy servers can’t hold knowledgeable hackers but can make your business less vulnerable. This is because each request and network response first passes through a proxy server. You can streamline traffic from proxy server to firewall and antimalware entry points if you have a quality security solution.

Anonymity when you need it

Although anonymity on the internet is often connected with the illegal or morally dubious activity, there are other more practical uses. For example, businesses sometimes have sensitive tasks of conducting research. If you want to prevent competition from figuring out what you are working on, a proxy server can be an ideal ally.

Third parties that want to spy on your company will have problems tracking your traffic and employees due to proxy server anonymization.

Preventing Servers overload

The benefits of Cloud computing are numerous, and one of the great things is distributing your resources across multiple servers. With peering, you can spread the servers’ load and handle more traffic. Your customers will come to your single web address on the proxy server that will work as an access point. The proxy will balance the traffic for each server and help prevent server crashes. Customers will not notice what happens in the background.

Better control of company Internet usage

While we’re not encouraging the Big Brother approach and preventing people from visiting fun content occasionally in the workplace, proxy servers can help limit visits to inappropriate or insecure sites through company networks.

If administrators run the company network through proxies, they can control which websites they can visit. You can block unwanted content, and if you’re really restrictive, all websites besides ones necessary for the workflow. You can remove dangerous or insecure addresses and tackle distractions for the workforce.

Bottom line

Proxy servers are valuable tools for people who want an intermediate between them and the network. For example, going through an anonymized proxy service can help businesses collect more data and market research in the business world. It also increases the security of the company on more than one level.

If all traffic runs through a proxy, intruders and spies will have a more challenging time creating trouble. On the other hand, administrators in your company network can monitor and restrict network usage for employees.

You can’t get all these advantages with free proxy services, so make sure you choose a quality paid proxy provider to get all the benefits.


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