Why VPS Is Better Than Shared Hosting?

This VPS is the virtual private server that is comfortable hosting the website through virtualization technology. It will give the dedicated resources for a server where you can find multiple users. It provides a safe and secure solution for web hosting using virtual technology with various resources to give the best service. The cost of this VPS may be a little bit high when compared to the shared hosting. You can purchase a shared or virtual server from BlueVPS. But this will give the top security and safety for the website. Hosting the website is now a simple process with the help of this VPS in recent times. 

What is VPS?

The website owners will always pick the VPS as this creates the virtual technology and improves the website traffic high without any influences of the dedicated server’s resources. This BlueVPS provides the various VPS ranges that are the best ones for ht businesses to scale their sites without expecting more resources from a dedicated server. Thus it will simulate the shared physical server among ht various users with the help of the virtual technology easily. It means that the virtual server is good for acting for both virtual and private purposes. It is a more interesting one for the users to simply separate the computer and use them for various purposes like the installation of OS and software. The computer is ready to work with the partitions, which means that even when the users have multiple OS, then it is safe to run. It means that there is no reboot required for the hosting.

What is a VPS server used for?

The VPS is the best alternative for the users when they are going out of the resource limits of the shared hosting plans. It is comfortable for them as the VPS will help them host in both the shared and the dedicated hosting process. This VPS is always beneficial for eCommerce websites as this brings enough safety and security without any theft or other cybercrimes. Thus, when you want to keep your eCommerce website or another business website safe and secure, this VPS server will be your primary choice. The website that will get ten huge traffic during the special occasion like the grand events, ticket selling and the other times then it is good to approach the VPS server. It will give full security with the full increase in the traffic at the right time. This BlueVPS.com provides the option for purchasing is the best alternative server for the gaming website and any other website that gains huge traffic all the time.

5 Differences Between Shared and VPS Hosting

Fast loading option

Even when you are providing the best website with the top server for getting the best features, people still want the fast loading option. It is the reason that you have to approach for the best loading server. When it comes to shared hosting, it is always difficult for the users to access it because many users share it. The server that will keep your privacy and also gives you the unique space for accessing is the VPS. It is the reason that it will give a fast performance, which means that the users no need to wait for more than three milliseconds. It is also important to note that it will be suitable to use the shared hosting server when your website is small. But when it comes to the big website and large businesses, you have to approach this Virtual private server.

Reliability and stability

The server that you are going to pick should be more reliable and stable. In that case, it is important to know about the shared hosting plan and the VPS hosting plan. The website that you are going to host should not be done even in a few minutes or hours, as this will lead to serious issues and loss of revenue in your business. Therefore many industries and various businesses like commerce will prefer this VPS hosting. The reason is that it will support the big website hosting options, and also, the security and safety for this website will be high when compared to the shared hosting. The reason is that the server is partitioned, and so each user will use the website separately. It will give the easy access feature, so this will not cause any serious problems. In the shared hosting, opening the other websites in the shared environment will automatically cause the stability problem and the other issues naturally. 


The shared hosting server will not be safe and secure mostly the reason is that inexperienced users will use the server. Therefore, accessing the website and performing some other option may become vulnerable when they are not performing well. Moreover, it will affect all the computers that are attached to the machine. This kind of problem will never arise in the VPS. The reason is that it will give complete security and safety as the server’s partition is bringing a good environment for the users to enjoy the website access. Thus businesses will find this kind of VPS server to be useful as this will not cause any security issues in the future.


The price of the shared hosting is the less one as this is shared with the other users in the network. Therefore, the shared hosting plan’s cost will be less compared to the VPS. The VPS is always the special one for the businesses as they will get the various customization and the security options in it. The VPS will remain the unique one for the users even when it is costly compared to the shared hosting plans. The main benefit is that it will provide improved performance and other resources than the shared hosting server. But in this BlueVPS, you will find high-quality and reasonable rate servers.

Managed services

The management of the servers is the essential one for getting a good hosting service. So when it comes to the shared hosting service provider, the server is completely managed. The reason is that experts will do the services like migrations, backup, updates, monitoring, and other maintenance. They also will check whether the server is secure and safe. But in the case of the VPS server, it is available in both the managed and unmanaged state. The business clients can explore VPS to get their proper server. The main difference is that it will work smartly and does not need any management. The VPS has the partition, and that means the users have to take care of everything. Also, only the experienced users will use this server, including privacy, which means there is no chance of security breaching. In case of any problem, then you can simply approach the customer service.


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