Dr Nitesh Kumar – Building Addresses Synonymous with Happiness

How happy will you be if your dream of a home will exhibit your values and be built by those whose every interaction will be based on quality, transparency, focus on you, and a commitment to delivery? And what more if this commitment will be brought to you with the promise of a better future and living and an assurance of principles of excellence and positive sustainability.

When the Insights Success team met Dr Nitesh Kumar, MD & CEO of Emami Realty Ltd., for its edition of ‘Business Achievers Making a Difference- 2022,’ he gave us that promise and assurance.

“My professional journey spans three decades. I joined Emami Realty Ltd. in Nov 2018, and it has been a splendid journey so far. After I joined, we not only completed all the ongoing projects but also had the pleasure of launching a few more projects, namely Emami Aastha at Joka, Kolkata – a premium bungalow township; Emami Business Bay, a state-of-the-art business hub; and Emami Nature, a 100-acre plotted township project at Jhansi with many more to come,” Dr Nitesh Kumar asserts.

And he says that this would not have been possible without his excellent team and the strong support of the promoters of the Emami Group.

Emami, the Synonym of Happiness

Emami Realty Ltd, the real estate arm of Emami Group, was incorporated in 2006. But till mid-2010, the Company dealt with a few projects only. From 2010 onwards, the actual acceleration started with the vast land banks – already available with the company – that were to be monetised and gained momentum in various parts of the country.

Despite being a real estate player, Emami Realty bears the advantage of being a part of a rich legacy of the Emami Group which is best known for its flagship presence in the customer-centric FMCG background.

Emami’s motto of customer satisfaction as its foremost objective transpired into Emami Realty’s offerings and services, as well.

The Reality Check

According to Nitesh Kumar, the Indian real estate sector has been facing a tough time for the last few years. The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak adversely impacted the overall economy and pushed real estate development to its all-time lowest. The COVID-19 crisis was felt by most of the developers, who either stalled their projects or postponed their new launches.

However, Emami Realty launched a 100-acre township in Jhansi during this phase last year, and this year, the company launched two more projects in Kolkata. Although there were some initial setbacks in terms of sales and cash flow, Kumar says that they managed to tide over these difficulties to ensure that slowly but surely, the issues were resolved to bring back normalcy.

The real estate situation post-COVID has surprised all data analysts. Now that its progress is way better than projected, Emami Realty took advantage of this situation and launched Emami Aastha, Emami Business Bay, and Emami Nature.

Knocking the Pandemic Down

To emerge from the passive effects of the pandemic, Kumar says that they tried to mobilise their resources to commence construction work at full pace and generated employment opportunities after the lockdown ban was lifted.

The current COVID crisis also helped their customers invest with the best realty brands that have gained their trust over the years and would stick to their committed timelines. For sustainable sales, they launched a special lockdown scheme during the lockdown period and a knockdown scheme after this period got over.

The Tech-Mate

Dr Nitesh Kumar says that Indian real estate has a long way to go when it comes to AI adoption, but it is certain to grow with the right technology. The pandemic forced everyone to change how they work and think.

One of the immediate effects that he observed was a significant move towards online transactions and internet searches, increased use of VR and AR to conduct virtual tours of properties, and technologies like drones and AI.

He thinks that AI and ML can help in digital marketing, virtual walkthroughs, and lead generation on the sales front. In the planning process, AI can also give more precise insights.

The Joyful Advice

When it comes to advising the budding entrepreneurs and enthusiasts aspiring to venture into the realty industry, he firmly believes that success is linked to the best business practices at all levels of the pyramid. The Emami Group has always catered to all the different strata of our society over the years.

At this moment, he can say that as one focuses on growing as a person, the more enjoyable all their learning and business experience will be.

Featuring The Realty

Dr Nitish Kumar says that his major focus is to maintain the best standards, from devising innovative methods to dismantling paradigms and shifting mindsets, completing all their diverse projects.

As a result, his whole company scales up to the next level of performance and growth and gives the brand the value it has achieved. Emami Realty Ltd. is committed to making the brand synonymous with quality and innovation.

He chooses to strengthen and foster a strong sense of team spirit among his employees, ensure the highest quality standards across projects, and exhibit customer-centric values. Every interaction is based on quality, transparency, customer focus with a commitment to service delivery.

He concludes with immense pride that the group has cultivated a mutually beneficial relationship with all their business associates over the years.


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