IIT Develops New Tech for EVs to Reduce Charging Cost by Half

Researches at IIT-BHU, Varanasi, developed a new charger technology for Electric Vehicles (EVs), which can cut down the current charging cost by 40-50%. The research was carried out in collaboration with the experts from IIT Bhubaneshwar and IIT Guwahati.

The current EVs are incorporated with the onboard chargers due to the lack of a high power off-board charging infrastructure. The researchers have developed the onboard charging technology for EVs, which reduces the extra power interface required for the propulsion mode; therefore, the required charging components are reduced by half.

Rajeev Kumar Singh, the Chief Project Investigator at IIT-BHU, said, “The proposed charger developed at IIT is reconfigurable, which can act as a charger for the charging mode and inverter for the propulsion mode. This will help charge EVs at 40-50% lesser cost than the existing one.”

As stated by the researchers’ team, the lab-scale development of the project has already been done at IIT-BHU, and upgradation and commercialisation are in progress,


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