How to Know When It’s a Good Time to Change a Job

The average British professional spends 3,507 days at work throughout their lifetime. We spend far too much time at work to hate the job we are doing. You should feel energized in the office and inspired by your co-workers. However, all too often, we feel exhausted and bored at work. You need to find a career that makes you feel excited and motivated to work.

It might be time to change your role and start afresh at a new company. Here are a few signs it’s time to change your job.


You feel like you have learned everything there is to learn at the company. Your job should challenge you. You should be motivated to learn – whether it’s improving an existing skill or something entirely new. You might have reached the maximum amount you can learn from your current employer.

Start looking for a new role that will challenge your skillset in a new way. You should always work for someone with more experience, knowledge, or expertise in the industry. You can improve your own skillset and ask them to mentor you.


High stress can be another reason to leave a job. Stress takes an enormous toll on the body and mind. You might feel exhausted, burnt out, depressed, and highly anxious. Stress can bring out the worst in people and infiltrate every aspect of your life.

A small amount of stress can help you to achieve new goals and push yourself. Keep a close eye on your stress levels and make sure your work-life balance is in check. Once your mental and physical health starts slipping, it might be time to talk to your employer. You could take a break or start looking for a new job.

Career opportunities

Career opportunities can have a huge impact on job satisfaction and staff turnover. There should be opportunities to advance in the company. You could work towards a senior management position or a new role within the team. You might be helping to expand the company to a different location.

If you have reached the top of the company, and there is no room for advancement – it might be time to leave. You could set up your own business and enjoy the process of building something from the ground up. Or, you could work for a larger company where there is more opportunity for travel and responsibility.

You need to think carefully about leaving your current job. The grass always seems greener on the other side until it’s not. Don’t make any hasty decisions, and try to follow your company’s HR systems that are in place to avoid burning any bridges.

Find a job that makes you excited to go to work every day.


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