Public Wi-Fi Hotspots Could Create 2-3 Cr Jobs in India

In a summit, India’s Department of Telecommunication (DoT) secretary K Rajaraman noted that Public Wi-Fi hotspots expansion across India’s rural and urban areas could generate 2-3 Cr job opportunities for micro and small entrepreneurs.

He addressed the 3rd Wi-Fi India Virtual Summit 2022, organized by Broadband India Forum. Rajaraman further stated that India’s telecom and internet service providers could take advantage of this opportunity by selling data vouchers to public data offices.

“The current public Wi-Fi hotspots expansion scheme in India is going steadily. More than 56 thousand public access points are made available. However, there is still scope for improving the Wi-Fi ecosystem in the country. Each of such public Wi-Fi hotspots could generate two to three direct or indirect job opportunities. The installation of 10 million hotspots as per the National Digital Communication Policy (NDCP) target by 2022 would potentially create 2-3 Cr employment opportunities in the small and medium scale sectors,” he said.


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