Non-Skilled Home Care Agency is seeking Administrator Asap!

We are Looking for the right person, to get in on the ground floor with us and help administer our rapidly growing, recently State licensed, Medicaid certified, Class-B Non Skilled Home Care Agency.

Our main office is located in Woodland Park, and we’d like to hire somebody who lives up here or is willing to drive from the Springs.

We would prefer to hire someone for this position possessing any of the following previous experience or skills:

Home Care Administration
Registered nurse
SEP Case Management
Billing, Payroll, and Bookkeeping

The right candidate for this position will be a Competent, Capable Self-Starter; Able to think and solve problems in a timely fashion and on their own; Able to read well, research, understand, and keep us up to date and in compliance with all of the various, ever changing Policies, Procedures, Rules, and Regulations that govern us in this business; Will have amazing time management skills; Must have willingness to respect authority and take direction with a positive attitude; and Must Must Must be willing to go the extra mile for the greater good of our Clients and the Company! This isn’t the industry for the selfish of heart! You have to truly care about people to be successful in this job. Just saying.

Job Duties will include but are definitely not limited to:

Being in the office Monday-Friday, during business hours;
Making, Answering, and Returning all phone calls and e-mails constantly, consistently, and in a timely fashion;
Filing, Organization, and Data entry;
Keeping the Agency up to date on rule changes, and aiding in the implementation of policies in order to keep us compliant;
And so much more, the list is seemingly endless and ever-evolving! Seriously.

This will be a full-time salaried position, with pay to be discussed and determined, based on varying factors, during the interviewing process. However it must be understood that, this job doesn’t often end at 5 o’clock. There will sometimes be after hours crisis’ that cannot be avoided or ignored, and there will be communications that simply have to occur somewhat frequently, and at random times.
However, we intend to compensate well enough to where all the extra time and hard work put forth will definitely be worth it! And since company growth will be a direct result of these efforts, we intend to offer raises based on benchmarks. This is a seriously great opportunity for the one person who truly gets what I am trying to convey, and is willing to do the work! Sadly, most people won’t even bother to read the entire ad, and honestly, if that’s too much effort, they needn’t bother applying anyway. But if you got here and are still interested, please feel free to contact me at your leisure. I am usually up early and late, and I don’t care what time you contact me. If I see it, I will answer immediately. We’re seriously trying to get this help going immediately! So if you think you’re the one, let’s talk and find out! Thank you for your interest.

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