The 7 Internet Marketing Secrets

## The 7 Internet Marketing Secrets

I first started my online journey, I began out like we all do, struggling to make money online. I made tons of mistakes and certainly lost more money than I earned.

I saw other marketers banking insane amounts of money. I was following their system and apparently doing all the things they were doing, but not getting anywhere near the same results.

I’d reached information overload and was paralyzed by all the different methods. It got to the point where I was faced with a choice.

Do I give up on internet marketing and find another way to make money? Or do I approach this business in another way?

I chose the latter and I can’t tell you how glad I am that I did… Because that decision now makes me several times the income I would have made with my old day job.

And let me tell you… It’s not because I learned some blackhat technique… (that got me banned).

It’s not because I got connections with other marketers online… (because I had none)

It’s not because I had money to invest… (I was in the red)

It’s because I had a very strong reason why I needed to do this. I had a very strong explanation of what would happen if I didn’t do it, and I had a very strong reason why I COULD NOT waste a single day doing nothing.

It’s really amazing the number of emails I receive from subscribers of mine who have been online for years but never really managed to get started, let alone put up a website. They have every intention of doing something but it simply is not enough.

Before you even pick up another eBook or video or ‘automated software’ you need to configure your mind for business because making money on the internet is exactly that. A business. And if you treat it like a hobby you can expect hobby results.

This is why I love to share with your the 7 secrets of highly successful internet marketers, hoping to help you SHIFT your mind in the right direction.

Inspired by Stephen Covey’s book, ‘The The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, I’ve created a simple, step-by-step mindmap guide to show you the effective habits of the men and women who make masses of money online.

### Law Of Success #1 – Niche Awareness: The Cornerstone to Successful Online Business

* Find out what the 3 evergreen niches are and what categories that fall into – this information alone can put you on the right track.
* You need to determine whether a niche qualifies for your marketing purposes. Just because it’s a niche doesn’t mean it will make money – some niches will not spend!
* Drill down and find micro-niche (a sub-niche) – you will need to know this so you’re NOT competing with the heavy hitters!
* Squeeze more out of the market you’re in using up-sells, down-sells and keeping in contact with your buyers for future income.

### Law Of Success #2 – Consistency: The One That Guarantees Success in Anything

* Successful marketers don’t let their knowledge go stale. You need to discover the 3 things they keep doing.
* Set concrete goals and follow through with them by reverse engineering.
* Focus on small baby steps that will make a difference a week from now, a month from now, even a decade later.
* Be held accountable for your actions and not blaming other people or situations.
* Keep the flow going and repeating the easy steps.

### Law Of Success #3 – Mass Traffic Control: The Lifeblood of Online Business

* You need to know different types of traffic and how they affect your long terms and short term goals.
* Constantly ‘plant seeds’ that will grow constantly over time.
* Exploit the nature viral marketing to get free traffic to increase conversions from other traffic methods.
* Build an asset for long-term traffic.
* Segregating listing so you know exactly who your buyers, your prospects and freebie seekers are.
* Study a good PPC system and increment small changes for exponential effects!
* Leverage the power of other marketers and creating win-win-win situations with joint ventures.

### Law Of Success #4 – Systems & Automation:  The Reason The Masters Succeed Online

* Focus on your strengths and not waste time on your weaknesses.
* You need to understand the difference between ‘on’ and not ‘in’ your business and why it’s important to your success.
* Find a system that works for you and constantly optimize it. Once at optimum it becomes an asset.
* Remove stress and create certain success.
* Replicate and scale systems for phenomenal wealth!

### Law Of Success #5 – Outsourcing:  How To Achieve That Effortless Income

* You should consider outsourcing works (both online and offline) and use it to get a bird’s-eye perspective on your business.
* Treat outsourcing as an investment and think less of it as an expense.
* Attain the abundance mentality to stop you from doing all the work yourself and slowing your progress.
* Multi-task whilst focusing on one task.
* Becoming a master at time and resource management.

### Law Of Success #6 – Relationship Building:  The Key To Becoming An Expert and Master of Your Market

* Surround yourself with success and manifest success in yourself!
* Creating rapport with customers and gathering feedback to better your business.
* People buy people – not products. So, learn how to like them first.
* Tap into your customer’s desires and getting behind what they REALLY want – (it’s not your product)

### Law Of Success #7 – Modelling and Mentoring: The One That Separates The Great From The Good

* You need to have a strong reason ‘why’ before you attempt to do anything.
* You need to do what you love in order to get the most out of your business and why forcing yourself to do something you dislike is grounds for disaster. 
* Create/imitate successful role models to help you make better decisions in pressured situations.
* Try to eventually become a teacher yourself and pass on old knowledge to others whilst improving your existing ideas.

Have you been classing yourself as a ‘newbie’ for too long that it’s become second nature to you? If so you need to really think about what you need to do to make a difference now and how this course can start opening your mind up to get a bird’s eye view on things!

You can find ‘A Full 19 Page Report’ showing “How To” here: [](

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