Verde Mobility: Viable Solutions to Drive into the Future

The shift to green technologies driven by concerns over climate change and our over-dependence on depleting fossil fuels has propelled electric vehicles to the forefront of a global shift in the automobile sector. The number of electric vehicles on the road is increasing daily and this technology is here to stay. In the upcoming generation, electric vehicles will be preferred over the traditional ones on the road.

There are so many brands today that offer a wide range of electric automobiles. Since transportation is constantly driven by fossil fuels which is absolutely indispensable and is also a leading contributor to pollution and the emission of greenhouse gasses creating an impact on the climate change.

Electric Vehicles and their high energy proficiencies combined with significantly reduced emissions are paving the way to an environment-friendly surrounding. Although there are significant barriers to overcome in terms of battery technology, and the hesitancy to accept newer technologies by existing systems, the general trend is a shift towards electric vehicles in the future. This created an urge to develop efficient EV chargers, controllers, and charging management systems.

Verde Mobility, being a division of System Level Solutions, is driving the future of the EV space with its innovation of smart solutions in the electric vehicles market. With the advances in technology and efficient techniques, they are creating a sustainable electric vehicle charging ecosystem.

This company is also one of the largest OEM solutions providers of electric vehicle chargers in the EV niche. The operations of Verde Mobility are managed by Tejas Vaghela, Director and CTO of System Level Solutions

Their EV solutions help to create the most innovative and affordable range of products – maximizing ROI and efficiency. Verde Mobility is focused on creating Smart AC chargers and associated Charging Management Software solutions.

Verde, is a one-stop solution for establishing a cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable electric vehicle charging ecosystem, is leading the charging infra-area with innovation in smart grid charging as well as advanced technology and efficient processes. Supportive of national and international activities and well-versed in them.

The commencement

To overcome the issues, which are becoming key hurdles to the development of EV infrastructure in India, local manufacturers in India must first understand the challenges and then provide trustworthy solutions that deliver excellent outcomes while keeping global standards and pricing stability

Verde Mobility, a division of System Level Solutions (I) Pt. Ltd. has set out its vision to help.

Verde believes in the go green concept and on a global level. They expect EV adoption to reach 60% under currently expected regulatory targets and current challenges.

The Competent Leadership

Tejas Vaghela is the Director and CTO of System Level Solutions. A significant contributor to the current technological advancements and smart solutions to real-world problems. Mr Vaghela’s primary goal has always been to hunt for new and creative ideas for a sustainable product in the market.

He is a great environmentalist and aims for the world to GO GREEN and hence “Verde Mobility” is the first step towards his mission.

He also believes that there is an ocean of opportunities for all the young entrepreneurs out there who would like to venture into the EV solution space.

Paresh Patel is the Founder and CEO of System Level Solutions. Paresh believes if a company builds a good business model, the right product, and innovate on technology, and it will be immensely successful in bringing change in the infrastructure to reflect the difference at the ground level. The primary goal as a founder, he hunts for creative ways to streamline the production path for better product design and innovation.

Significant Solutions Driving the EV Space

A Turnkey solution provider with both hardware and software capabilities. Verde offers a range of AC EV chargers which ranges from 3.3kw to 22kw with type two and Bharat Ac 001 configurations

As one of the largest OEM solutions providers of electric vehicle chargers to the United States, European markets, and Asian Markets, Verde Mobility offers local manufacturers, MSMEs, and other OEMs a reliable, enduring, and world-class ecosystem for charging solutions in the country.

The design, development, production, and test facilities all reside in India. They are working on a campaign “Electrify Anand 2025” in which the aim is to install 500 charges across Anand and create a pollution-free environment.

The second insight is 5000 Type 2 charges across the globe with all the major EV players in the market.

The third insight is they have launched India’s first hybrid charger for electric vehicles. It is OCPP-enabled with 3.3kW X 2 Bharat AC 001 and 7.4kW X 1 Type two AC Charger designed to serve as the perfect choice for customizable EV charging options.

The Encounters in Initial Stage

  • High initial cost.
  • No proper EV state policies.
  • Insufficient policies and subsidies for charging infrastructure.
  • Existing EV ecosystem in India and investment outlook.
  • Poor charging infrastructure.
  • Inadequate power supply in remote areas.

Surmounting the effects of the Pandemic

(2020-2021) has not been a bad year for SLS. The business was the same as any other year and Verde had a fast recovery from manufacturing in India. All thanks to the Make-In-India initiative by the Indian Government.

Though 2020 was a difficult year across all the sectors, it was also a year of opportunities. System Level Solutions developed and launched many COVID-19 products.

Innovations for the Future

The future of mobility is in your hands, and to adapt and embrace the emergence of a better ecosystem, one needs to be equipped with in-depth knowledge of the diverse types of EV accessories and EV chargers. The team at SLS has been working for years to make this possible and to give the consumers nothing but the finest products ever.

Verde is here to solve big problems in business, focus on the big challenges and find unique commercially successful models to scale it up. As far as their future goal is concerned, they are already on the path where they envision themselves as a key player in the EV market and their aim is to become a premium manufacturing hub for EV charging stations in India.

The Electric Vehicle industry in India has started picking up the pace, new manufacturing hubs, and an increased push to improving charging infrastructure has been the major goal for any EV company.

Verde believes that EV is the new future and not be something of a luxury, but it would be something necessary for survival because the pollution level is alarming, and the only solution is the green sources and transmission of energy.

Hence, EVs are inevitable when it comes down to efficiency, so it is better to plan and organize how the developments are going to occur rather than dodging the change.


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