Codewave Technology: Brining in Newness with Top-notch Solutions

The world has shifted its concentration towards technology for a long time. But the advent of COVID-19 made the technological involvement crystal clear. The pandemic made the world understand the importance of tech-savvy solutions, and several companies implemented them.

Firms offering services like AI, AWS, ML, UI/UX were in great demand. One company providing zeniths of solutions to different industries is Codewave Technology.

For these outstanding achievements in the tech world, being a tech geek is of utmost importance. And Codewave Technology has that one superior geek, Abijith. He is Founder and CEO, and a technology director helping businesses thrive in an age of design, tech, and agile hyperness.

In an exclusive interview with Insights Success, he shared his knowledge about technology as a robust solution. Following are the highlights of the interview.

Describe Codewave Technologies in detail.

Codewave technologies is a design thinking-led digital transformation company based out of Bengaluru. We’re actively helping enterprises in the USA, the UAE, Germany, Australia, the UK, and France to navigate the road to digital transformation smoothly.

We help SMEs in 13+ industry verticals, including retail, healthcare, agriculture, education, hospitality, transportation, media, entertainment, and BFSI. Our main offerings include design thinking, UI/UX, analytics, web and mobile solutions, data analytics, enterprise AI/ML, Blockchain solutions, edge, IoT, digital infrastructure, and process automation.

What made you venture into the AWS and IT solution sector??

AWS is one of the most reliable, scalable, secure, flexible, and affordable cloud computing services platforms out there. Based on the project, we work on GCP, Azure, IBM, and Oracle cloud, but mostly it is AWS. The reason is obvious; from simple mobile and web applications to complex machine learning, analytics, and blockchain solutions, we can do almost everything in AWS. Besides, it supports a range of open-source programming languages and technologies out of the box. It’s extensively documented with use-cases and demos. Development with AWS is pretty smooth, and so is maintaining the cloud infrastructure.

What kind of offerings does Codwave Technology provide to its clients?

As we said, we’re a digital transformation company based out of Bengaluru, India. We help companies build – design thinking-led mobile and web applications, data, IoT, and edge solutions. We build Analytics, AI, and ML capabilities using open source/proprietary technologies on a need basis. Here is a list of applications that we have built in the past –

  1. Online jewelry store
  2. Adaptive learning edTech solution

iii. Citizen connect serverless government application

  1. AI application for footballers to improve their performance
  2. Peer to peer ride sharing app
  3. Online kitchen interiors marketplace

vii. Women menstrual healthcare app

viii. Real-time energy analytics app

  1. Smart-bike dashboard IoT app
  2. Investment advisory fintech app

The list pretty much speaks volumes about our work and expertise. Here’s a list of AWS services, which we often use for building various digital applications:

  • AWS EC2 and EBS solutions that need to be dedicated scalable, affordable compute capacity and block storage
  • AWS RDS for configuring, managing, scalable DBs in the cloud
  • AWS S3 for storage, logs, and simple static sites
  • AWS Lambda for APIs
  • AWS Cloudfront, mostly for CDN services
  • AWS Kinesis for data and analytics applications
  • AWS SNS for notification and updates
  • AWS Sagemaker for ML capabilities
  • AWS Cloudwatch for monitoring services

AWS Cloudformations, Redshift, Cognito, Lightsail, Dynamo DB, Elastic Beanstalk, SQS, and IAM are other popular AWS cloud services that we frequently use to build highly scalable secure solutions in the cloud.

What kind of challenges has Codewave Technology faced while entering the AWS and IT solution sector?

The major challenges are configuring and provisioning the AWS cloud offerings, cost management, efficient resource utilization, security, and compliance. Migrating from legacy infrastructure to the AWS cloud is a smart decision but needs expert cloud professionals to do it in a secure and efficient way. Vendor lock-in is another challenge, not specific to AWS, in the cloud ecosystem.

How much was your firm/business affected in the pandemic? What were the steps taken by you to curb the damages, all the while helping your clients and maintaining the safety of your employees?

Early 2020 was a period of high uncertainty, not just for the Codewave but for everyone on the planet. As soon as we realized the threat, we immediately went remote. It was a big challenge adapting to the new normal. The team responded well; thanks to our culture, we were quite resilient and quickly adapted to the remote situation.

Timely and Peerly – our internal apps for project collaboration turned out to be really helpful.  In fact, now we are a hybrid organization. A good number of people continue to work remotely post the pandemic.

For clients, everything was smooth. There were no escalations at all. All our solutions are built in the cloud, so there were not many challenges when it came to operations.

Lastly, hiring and onboarding new members became a little tricky too. But with time, we have aced this as well.

What would you like to advise the young generation and entrepreneurs?

Be more agile and resilient. Every aspect of the business is important, but as an entrepreneur focusing on people and company culture as much as on operations and finances. This is going to be helpful in the long run.

Where do you envision your firm/business to be in the long run, and what are your future goals?

This year we have hit USD 1M+ in ARR, and we continue to grow sustainably. We are always at the forefront when it comes to flirting with new technologies, and the long-term goals are to continue doing the same, while we build highly scalable digital solutions for our partners and the most democratic, self-managed, and social work in the world.

What is the current industrial scenario of AWS and the IT solutions sector?

IT outsourcing is a USD 92.5 billion business, and the cloud business is a USD 396 billion opportunities. The industry is growing at a healthy rate. The technology-led innovation is at its peak with an edge, 5G, XR, and Blockchain opening the new avenues to growth. The awareness of design thinking is also improving and is a good sign as that means there will be fewer solutions to usability issues. Design thinking is a must for every business, irrespective of whether they are into IT or not.

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Abhijith is the Founder and CEO of Codewave Technologies. Over the past ten years, he has helped 100+ enterprises architect and runs ‘speed at scale’ technological solutions. He has a rich experience working with 100s of visionary leaders across 10+ industries, and of course, 140+ highly talented engineers, designers, and consultants at Codewave.

But this is not something that he had predicted to do with his life. He used to be a science nerd, loved playing guitar and PS3. Soon after he met his partner, Vidhya, he decided to pursue his love for coding and founded a startup.

In 2013, Vidhya and Abhijith launched ‘Codewave’ — a design-led digital transformation company that also designed its own culture. Ever since team Codewave built 300+ digital solutions and helped 100s of businesses with varying levels of digital integration— aspiring, advancing, plateaued.

Codewavers help enterprises unlock and optimize growth channels by identifying:

  1. What’s worth eliminating today.
  2. What’s worth building afresh, and what’s worth modernizing/renovating.


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