Bright Education Services: Facilitating Dynamic Educational Solutions

Education in lockdown has undergone many changes. Transformation of courses to learning online, students are facing challenges like never before. To understand every student’s problem and trying to solve them is a task in itself. Covid-19 has emerged as one of the greatest challenges while imparting knowledge and education. Students are disoriented and with no brick or mortar setup of education, their learning experience is nevertheless, going haywire.

Education through digital platforms is still new to many students in the country, especially the ones who do not have proper resources to avail the same. Awareness about the digital mediums is still not there in many rural areas, and students there are facing issues in calibrating their learning environment or even adjusting to it. Regular power cuts add to the dismay and students encounter many such challenges throughout the day.

But there are some agencies who have risen to the occasion and are striving to make a difference in the Indian Education space. There is one such company helping students achieve their educational goals in the most comprehensive way known as BES. It is India’s leading educational consultancy offering career counselling and admission guidance for students interested in pursuing higher education. An ISO 9001:2008 certified educational consultancy, its team has been guiding students for admission to the top colleges in Nepal and Bangladesh.

“We also provide personalised counselling for admission to the top colleges in all over India and abroad (Nepal, Bangladesh, and Bhutan),” says Prakash Gupta, CEO of Bright Educational Services. Over the last five years, they have counselled more than 50,000 students across the country. BES has 15 offices located in various places, both in India and abroad. It makes it easy and convenient for students who wish to approach us for guidance and counselling services. BES is associated with more than 200 institutes. It is also a proud recipient of 3 awards for excellent student services.

Outstanding Offerings

Academic Guidance and Career Counselling

The company offers career counselling for both students and parents. While offering consulting services for students, its team discusses their interests, preferences, academic records, and their career goals. While discussing with parents, the team asks for their preferences, budget, and other practical considerations like location, availability of guardians, and such. Then based on the counselling session with both parents and students, the team suggests the best courses and colleges.

Information Regarding Colleges

Once the students have narrowed down their preferred course, the team then gives them detailed course information. They also provide other details like affiliations, recognitions, and the availability of online support. Its educational consultants will also share information regarding reservation facility, quotas for admission, and any other information that the students or parents request for.

Help to find Accommodation

If the student is planning to study abroad or in a new city, then he/she will need to find safe accommodation close to the college. If the college has a hostel facility, then the team helps the students to get hostel accommodation. Else, they organise for accommodation nearby.

Assistance to Migrating Students

Students migrating to a new city or country will find it difficult to manage for the first few months. BES’ educational consultants will be there to help students manage the rough patches and settle in the new place.

Continuous Support

BES’ educational consultants are always ready to help prospects with any questions or doubts they may have regarding the admission process. One can contact the team at BES through telephone or email. If there are any difficulties in travelling to its administrative offices, the company’s team will set up a video conference with the parent and student to clarify all academic and career related questions.

Other than providing these services, Prakash and his team at BES wants to ensure that the process of learning for many students is streamlined in a dynamic way. They are constantly working towards achieving this goal with sheer perseverance.

BES has come out as one of the premier service providers when it comes to facilitating remote education. They are the experts in catering to the individual needs of the students who are willing to learn on their own in these pandemic times. It would not be wrong to say that BES is a one-stop-shop for all the educational needs of the students who are going through a varied experience during the lockdowns, courtesy of Covid-19. So, if you or your children are looking for an inclusive educational experience remotely, the team at BES will heed your call.


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