How to Get into the Nursing Sector

A career in nursing is extremely rewarding and there are multiple routes that you can take to get into the field. Not everyone learns in the same way and it’s important to find a method that works for you. Not only is nursing greatly rewarding, but it’s a career that can be universally applied, whether you’re looking for nursing jobs in Guernsey or Greenland. There will always be the need for nurses and you can help alleviate the struggle of healthcare systems worldwide by embarking on a career in nursing. But what options are available to break into the sector?

Apply for Internships

Something that deters a lot of people from internships is the notion of unpaid work, however, value doesn’t come solely from money. When it comes to nursing or any medical profession, you won’t be able to simply step into a role. Regardless of which route you take, you’ll have to work your way up and work in unpaid placements.

Despite this, you’ll learn so much on the job that you’ll be much more valued when you eventually complete your internship and step into a paid role. Similarly, undertaking unpaid roles displays a passion for the field which will reflect well in your future employment opportunities.

Select a Program with Job Placement Opportunities

Though progression in the nursing field will often involve educational training such as university attendance and apprenticeships, this is just one part of the process. Since nursing is such a vocational subject, a lot can be learned from the working environment. If you choose a program with job placement opportunities, you’ll be able to experience real life situations and interactions that you can’t get from the classroom. Additionally, this will benefit you later in your career as you’ll be deemed as having experience.

Find a Mentor

One-to-one mentorship is a great way to get hands on training and experience within the nursing field. This is a particularly personal way to advance in your career and might assist you in selecting the direction that you wish to take. There are multiple specialties when it comes to nursing, and having a personal mentor may steer you towards the field you’re most interested in. Not only will your mentor share valuable advice and guidance with you, but they may give you a shining reference further down the line.

Work Through School

The most traditional way of becoming a nurse is to work through school and eventually university. This will provide you with the necessary qualifications for becoming a nurse and is a much more structured approach. Although this route is traditional, it doesn’t mean that it won’t make you stand out from the crowd. Some people do very well in school scenarios and shine in exam situations. If this applies to you, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t adopt this route.



Volunteering is another form of unpaid work which can make people feel like it’s not worth their while. However, as previously mentioned, not all value comes in the form of money. With volunteering, you’ll often be making a huge difference to someone in need which has a wide array of benefits. Not only will it make you appear in a good light to employers, but it’ll also make you feel good about yourself.

Don’t be Picky

Perhaps one of the most important things to remember is not to be picky about which jobs you take on. Nursing is an extremely popular profession and, when starting out, you should take what opportunities you can. Each of these will be beneficial to your career and act as a stepping stone in your progression.


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