The best flannel sheets and bedding for keeping warm in winter

Flannel sheets can be very polarizing. For those who sleep hot, waking up wrapped in thick, insulating flannel is a nightmare. But for those who like to be extra toasty in the colder months—icicle feet, I’m looking at you—being swaddled in the super-soft plushness of flannel is simply a dream. 

The National Sleep Foundation says the best room temperature for sleep is somewhere around 65 degrees Fahrenheit, but still, staying cozy through the winter shouldn’t be overlooked, especially since your core body temperature slightly dips as you enter later stages of sleep. Adding that extra layer of snug might keep the slightly cold from waking frigid in the middle of the night. 

Or maybe you just want some cute winter sheets that feel soft, warm, and look good with your flannel nightie. All valid.

Here are our picks for the best flannel sheets for every type of sleeper.

[Photo: courtesy One Kings Lane]

Belle Epoque Flannel Sheet Sets
Belle Epoque makes simple, sophisticated patterned and heathered flannel sets from Portuguese brushed cotton blends. They’re designed to be durable, resist pilling, and satisfy country and contemporary tastes alike.

[Photo: courtesy Boll & Branch]

Boll & Branch Flannel Collection
Woven to be extra breathable while keeping you super warm, Boll & Branch’s velvety flannel bedding is perfect for seasonal sleeping. The company’s plaid patterns are  elevated, but still country enough to keep your bedroom feeling down-home cozy.

[Photo: courtesy L.L. Bean]

L.L. Bean Ultrasoft Comfort Flannel Sheet Set
L.L. Bean’s flannel sheets come in a range of fun patterns and shades, but we love these rustic French country stripes. Bonus, these 100% brushed cotton sheets come with the company’s one-year guarantee (lifetime for any material or craftsmanship defects), so if you’re on the fence about living that flannel life, these are for you.

[Photo: courtesy Coyuchi]

Coyuchi Cloud Brushed Flannel Sheets
For heavyweight comfort, organic soft home goods brand Coyuchi’s Cloud bedding is the way to go. Its soft, thick Turkish cotton flannel sheets weigh in at six ounces and are extra luxurious to slip under on a cold winter’s night. 

[Photo: courtesy Riley]

Riley Reversible Flannel Sheets
For the fickle flannel lover, Riley’s reversible sheet set comes in complementary colorways to switch up your bedding with a flip. They’re cozy and chic, and reviewers praise their commitment to easy-to-maintain care and wear. 

[Photo: courtesy Looma]

Looma Home Organic Flannel Sheets 
Looma’s long-staple, organic cotton is silky smooth but still quite warm. Its flannel sheet sets are designed to be “heirloom quality,” meaning they can be passed down generation to generation—though we doubt you’ll ever want to give them up.

[Photo: courtesy Parachute]

Parachute Brushed Cotton Bedding
Okay, so if you really hate flannel but want to get cozy this winter, Parachute’s Brushed Cotton may be the ticket. Described as “buttery” (our favorite adjective for food and fabric), these 100% cotton sheets combine the best parts of even-better-over-time percale and those old fave jersey knit sheets from your childhood.

[Photo: courtesy Brooklinen]

Brooklinen Heathered Cashmere bedding
For a happy medium, Brooklinen’s luxurious heathered cashmere bedding is hard to hate on. All the warm and fuzzies of flannel, without the heft and potential stuffiness. 

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