Indian Railways Might Lower their Passenger Fare Rates by 15%

As things are returning to normalcy after what seemed like a never-ending pandemic, Indian Railways might lower the fare charges on passenger trains by 15%. This will likely be a part of the normalization of services across the nation. However, cheaper platforms tickets and cooked food may not return immediately due to the preventive measure of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Along with the fare charges, the special trains that were started during these troubled periods will be replaced and be running their original routes. The 15% drop in the fare charges will likely be because of the resuming of regular trains routes across the country.

Special trains that were initiated during the COVID-19 pandemic were restricted to state boundaries. However, major train routes were still running but not at full capacity. Resuming the largest railway network in the world might again help the country get back on working tracks like earlier.


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