Are Free Online Courses Worth Anything?

These days learning something new is easily accessible and is essential for everyone who wants to pursue a career in a specific field. As technology and computer science advance, online education has become a vital part of improving the business knowledge of every sector.

People don’t have to spend too much money to gain knowledge in some fields, thanks to the information available to them, they have unlimited course access. As a result of the increased need for knowledge, online learning has become an everyday activity. Companies organize all sorts of online courses in which people can learn whichever new skill they need.

When thinking about an online course, people tend to compare it to formal education, which is not the case. The online learning platform is much different to the school desk, and the online courses are often there to further the education people already have. Let’s look at the types of free courses available, and we’ll try to help you answer whether you will improve your skills with these courses and whether they are worth the effort; something else worth looking into that is definitely worth your effort is low deposit casinos, where you can get the most value from the lowest deposit.

Online Learning via edX Courses – Are They Worth It?

For those who have not heard of edX – it is an online learning platform structured as a “massive open online course” server or a MOOC. There are tons of courses available here, and they will all help you acquire new skills, as well as get the ever-so-important free certificates. In this short edX review, we’ll give you further information on why edX certificates are worth that much in today’s online learning world and how these free certificates and the course materials will help you reach your professional goals.

This platform was created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in partnership with Harvard University, and it was launched in 2012. It provides university-level classes to participants and a verified certificate at the end of any free course. Nowadays, the firm cooperates with more than 150 companies of all sorts, and they employ more than 6,000 instructors and teaching assistants. There are many advantages of taking the edX courses but read the course description before applying for it. Some of the programs are free, and some have a fee. As mentioned, on some of the courses, you will be eligible for an edX certificate, which helps build your resume.

Depending on the field you decide to study, these edX certificates are highly valued in the tech world. You will get plenty of learning materials on most courses you take, and the learning process is flexible. Not every course needs to be instructor-paced but expect some graded assignments to come your way.

So, learning online is the central pillar of every single course by edX, and the free certificate is always a welcome sight. edX has a verified track record, so you are best advised to check what edX offers, and you are sure to get some new ideas for programs you would like to learn, and the certificate is a bonus in building your resume, as well as your LinkedIn profile, which is a must in today’s world.

Benefits of Taking an Online Course

There are tons of courses and other platforms in the online learning sector that can teach you different types of skills. It’s not just the edX offer. Additional classes will get you verified certificates. Many of them are free, so you will save money but have access to suitable materials and knowledge.


Everyone wants to progress in their professional life, and the good news is that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars or go back to a class to learn new things and improve your knowledge or business. You can choose from the wide range of free courses, and they will get you the much-needed skills to advance in your career. Whether they are data analysis, natural sciences, or machine learning, you will have everything you need.

Free Certificate

Most of these courses will offer you a certificate after completing them, and many of those do not have an end date, but it varies depending on the course you have taken. These certificates will help you build your CV, and they are always a big bonus when applying for a new job, and you won’t need any financial aid for them.

No Time Limits

Class lessons take too much of your time, and they are not flexible; you need to be present at a specific time of the day. Online courses are the opposite, they are more self-paced, and you choose when to listen to them and how much time of the day you will dedicate to them.

Good Preparation Before College

This is for the young students, and it can help them get some knowledge even though they are not yet ready for the business community. They can take any online course they wish, and it will be good preparation for the college they have chosen. It is suitable for students to have prior knowledge of any field before entering their studies.

Disadvantages of a Free Online Course

Every subject in life has certain disadvantages, and this is no different. There are a couple of disadvantages we can think of when discussing these courses, so let’s look at them.

Limited Subject Areas

People argue that free courses do not have much diversity of topics, and it is sometimes true, depending on the topic you have chosen to study. It can be a problem for people who wish to have more advanced knowledge of a particular field or enter a specific business.

Limited Social Interaction

Some people function better when there is one-on-one interaction and mentoring by the lecturers, and you won’t always get that with these courses. Depending on the person, sometimes it is difficult to interact with the lecturer on Zoom or whatever platform it is used.


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