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About DSpace User Group Meetings

The global DSpace user community has at least one major user group meeting a year. Each spring there is a user group meeting held in conjunction with the Open Repository Conference. Every other year there is also a fall stand-alone user group meeting, usually held in Europe. Summaries of those meetings, including links to any available recordings and/or presentation slides are below. Country specific or regional user group meetings may also be available -- check with your country or region's DSpace Ambassador for more information.

Upcoming User Group Meeting(s)

Open Repositories 2012 DSpace User Group Meeting

Edinburgh, Scotland

July 9-13, 2012 

Previous User Group Meetings

Open Repositories 2011 DSpace User Group Meeting

Austin, Texas, United States

June 10-11, 2011


OAI7 DSpace User Group Meeting

Geneva, Switzerland

June 21, 2011

Open Repositories 2010 DSpace User Group Meeting
Madrid, Spain
July 8-9, 2010

For copies of the presentations, including recordings of some of the sessions, click here.


European DSpace User Group Meeting
Gothenburg, Sweden
October 14-16, 2009
Over 90 participants from 20 different countries attend the fall DSUG 2009 meeting. In addition to the European community, there was DSpace users from United States, Brazil, New Zealand and Singapore.

Program Highlights:

-Tutorial sessions on Manakin, DSpace 1.6 and search engine optimization
-Opening talk by invited speaker Robert Tansley, Google
-Presentations by the DuraSpace Organization
-Presentations on BibApp, SWORD integration and managing/enhancing metadata
-Use cases on enhanced content for repositories (video digital library, research data)
-Networked/federated repositories (OceanDocs, COAR)
-Update on DuraCloud

For copies of the presentations and video recordings, click here.

Open Repositories 2009 DSpace User Group Meeting
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
May 20-21, 2009
There were a number of informative and innovative presentations from the community during the meeting.

Program Highlights:

-A joint session for DSpace and Fedora communities covering strategic overview of the new organization, DuraSpace, as well as a review of the technical roadmaps of each platform
-Demonstrations of 1.5 and 2.0
-Presentations from the community including several interesting use case studies and examples of unique customizations, extensions and integrations
-Special dual track sessions for developers and repository managers
-An informal workshop with a developer panel available for user questions
-A developers 2.0 workshop

For a full index and link to the presentation recordings, click here. For copies of the presentation slides, click here.